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This interactive map reproduces the map produced by my father. It documents the power lines he worked on through image and text. Click on the towers.

19 January 2011

The men of famiglia Quomi

And still another proud son and nephew ... I'm looking forward to receiving the photographs.

Hi Linda

I was looking through some old photos with my father this morning of when he first came to Australia and then afterwards I decided to do a google search for EPT which brought me to your website. I think your blog is fantastic and I really enjoyed reading through it, especially because he it reminded me of my father’s life. My father came to Australia and worked as a rigger with EPT on many projects before he eventually started his own steel erection company in Sydney which he continued to operate until he retired three (3) years ago. Who knows, your father and my father may have even crossed paths because it looks like they were working in the Snowy Mountains at the same time. I also had two uncles that were working for EPT in the 1960’s also. I’ll scan my father’s EPT photos and send then to you.

I think that it is amazing what these men were able to achieve with so little education and it’s sad that their stories are slowly disappearing as they pass on and therefore information banks such as your blog are an invaluable archive.

Kind regards
Matthew Quomi

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