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18 January 2011

An amazing couple of weeks

It's been a remarkable couple of weeks. Other than my home city being hit by severe flooding, I've received several emails from EPT workers and their families - all promising to share photographs and stories. This has prompted me to think a bit about Transmission Lines and perhaps the need for a more formal approach. This project started out as a bit of an experiment about developing personal/family histories via content sharing, just focusing on my father's life, but it now seems to be turning into a community - rather like the EPT camps which were the focus of so much of our families' lives. I'll be sharing the messages and photographs that have been sent to me and hopefully making some approaches to the State Library of Queensland to help me set up an archive. However, I do intend to retain the project as a personal project focused on modes of storytelling using online media.

I've loved reading the emails from the former workers and their families. And thank everyone who has been in contact. I've felt an instant rapport with each person as they talk about their fathers and grandfathers. Perhaps there needs to be another space for people to gather (facebook?) so that more of these stories can be shared. What a legacy!

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