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18 January 2011

Antonio Cardinale, Paolo Cardinale

A lovely message from Carmen Caridinale via facebook about her nonno and father, former EPT workers Antonio Cardinale and Paolo Cardinale.

Hi Linda.

I came across your blog transmission line and was very impressed! my grandparents migrated from Italy to Marayong. My grandfather Antonio Cardinale worked in EPT for many years as the cook. After working at EPT my grandfather opened up a Caltex Petrol Station opposite marayong railway and continued to live in marayong with his wife Carmela, sons Victorrio and Paolo (my dad).

My dad married my mum and brought a house in marayong also, then i was born (1982), I was even baptized in at anthonys church by padre silvio and also my communion. I can remember dad telling me stories about EPT and he had alot of friends who lived in marayong and worked in EPT. Unfortunately my dad passed away 8 years ago so I can no longer hear the stories.

I love your blog as it reminds me of the past and the importance of culture.

Carmen cardinale

In a subsequent message, Carmen said "It would be great to find out if anyone remembers my nonno or my dad." She also gave me a photo of her father, Paolo Cardinale, at the helm of an EPT jeep, which I believe were ex-military. I remember bouncing around in the back of those things as a kid, when I accompanied my father on site visits.

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