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11 March 2010

Rest in Peace

On 10 March, Leo di Rocco sent me another emailing notifying me of the passing of another EPT worker. It's fitting, I think, to honour the memory of these workers on the Transmission Lines blog. As relatives and family friends have passed away, I've realised that we lose our connection to the 'old country'. My heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Mr Finadri. May he rest in peace.

Hello Linda,

Today we laid to rest Enrico Finadri a pioneer of EPT, after mass was celebrated at the EPT chapel, fitting for a man who thought so much of EPT and the chapel he contributed so much to. He worked with Edison in Italy and then with SAE before coming to Austrtalia early in 1952 with EPT, he started his time at Menai camp where they lived in tents. It would be highly likely that Enrico worked with your Dad as Enrico spent many years working on Transmission lines he lived in Engadine until he was transfered to Marayong and then moved to live in Marayong. He was from the Treviso region of Italy he was 81 years of age and when I used to see him he would also speak highly of EPT..

Hope you are well..

09 March 2010

More from Leo Di Rocco

Leo di Rocco and I were emailing trying to figure out whether his father and my father knew each other or worked together. The most my mother can tell me is that she thinks she'd heard my father talk about di Rocco. Leo explained the following, with a promise of some photos which I look forward to seeing and posting (thank you!):

My uncle spent the first years in Victoria I believe he arrived in Marayong late 1959 and then was sent to Bonnyrigg and Dural camps but was mainly stationed at EPT Marayong until 1986 when he retired. He passed away two years ago. Together with my dad they were through and through EPT men "lavorare e la pagha tutte le settimana una grande, brava e signora ditta".. no one dare say a bad word about EPT..

I shall send you some photos soon...