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19 January 2011

Camillo Smargiasso

And here, another proud son, Mario Smargiasso, who wrote to me via facebook, tells me about his father's role in EPT.

My name is Mario Smargiasso, I've just found on the internet a blogspot about the Transmission Lines 1955-1974 page - I was born in 1959 in Wollongong, and lived until 1965 in Lake Heights - Warrawong - Port Kembla area.

My father Camillo came from Italy to work in the EPT company, since 1951 to 1965 in Australia and later on (1966-1967) in South Africa.

I'm still surfing on the blogspot, is it still updated? (some links seem not working...).

I'd like to know more about the whole thing, I could never imagine there's such a wonderful place to let parents recall and sons know.

Just a few days ago my father asked me to find in his empty house a handwritten letter by Vittorio Monduzzi (a true myth for him), and I happened to redisciver hundreds of photographs taken in Australia, many of them regarding the EPT working fields, may they be of any interest for anybody?

Thanks for the attention on the note I'm sending, any reply would very appreciated!!

Kind regards
Mario Smargiasso

I've written to Mario to tell him that the photos are definitely of interest and I would be happy to see if there are any libraries or archives that might take them. I'm also happy to help get them on the blog.

Hi Linda,

thank you for your reply.

About the project, of course any documents may be used in any form, when useful; I'm aware the project is not a meeting point for loose people, so I would try to select and scan only materials showing the efforts made by the EPT workers in the development of Australia as a big country (by the way, unfortunately my parents decided to come back to Italy in 1965), or anything that may be considered close to the project's basic aims anyway; should materials appear non coherent or appropriate, they won't be used, no problem...

It only will take me some time to scan and publish photogaphs or anything else on a reserved page of my fb profile (I'm not so used to do that, I'll ask my sons to help me); I'll follow the news on the site / blog.

Thank you for the attention

Best regards
Mario Smargiasso

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