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05 January 2012

Nino Guido

Matthew Quomi met with another passionate Eptiano, Nino Guido.

He told me that every year they organise a reunion and last year’s event was attended by 200 odd people. I have also heard about another E.P.T. reunion that takes place every year in Italy. The man that I met with yesterday has an amazing archive of photographs which mostly illustrate the E.P.T. camp in Port Kembla. Two (2) of his photographs were of particular interest to me. These photographs illustrate the king of all E.P.T. vehicles which was a 1937 Morris that the E.P.T. welders and mechanics in the Port Kembla workshop converted into a 12 seater jeep that was affectionately known as La Carolina! Above is an image of the vehicle in question.

That vehicle was originally purchased by six (6) E.P.T. employees however it came off second best in an accident with two (2) freight trains which left the four (4) occupants seriously injured. The car was bent into a U-shape but instead of being turned into scrap metal, it was taken to the workshop at Port Kembla where the E.P.T. mechanics used their ingenuity, oxy torches and pieces of metal plate found at the steelworks to convert the wreck into a jeep for the soccer team. It’s a beautiful piece of E.P.T. history.

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