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18 January 2012

EPT in Queensland

Ian Moller has consulted with his colleague Brian Becconsall to compile these notes about EPT work in Queensland. Brian says, "I believe the first steel lines were all built by E.P.T. throughout the 1960’s. I think the only competitor was ASCOM who got 50% of the Gladstone to Brisbane 275kV interconnectors to ensure they were all done on time by 1973 (associated with the establishment of Gladstone Power Station)."

1957- Commissioning of Tully Falls Hydro power station, with 132kV double circuit steel tower lines to Cairns

1958- Interconnection Cairns to Townsville via 132kV double circuit steel tower line

The start of the steel tower system in SE Qld was in the 1960’s

April 1962- the original Rocklea substation established as a switching station (cut in to existing 110kV wood pole Abermain (Ipswich) feeders)

Jan 1963- Stafford substation commissioned with a new 110kV double circuit steel tower line from South Pine substation to Bunyaville substation (Everton Hills) connecting to  2 x 110kV underground cables to Stafford substation

July 1963- West Darra substation commissioned

June 1964 - South Pine substation to Image Flat substation (near Nambour) and northward via a 132 kV double circuit steel tower line, connecting to the Wide Bay Burnett Electricity Board 132 kV network (wood pole lines mostly). (Ian's comment - from memory I believe the SEQ 110kV network interfaced with the WBBEB 132kV network via stepup transformers at Image Flat)

Sept 1964 - South Pine substation (Brendale) to Hays Inlet substation (Rothwell)

Apr 1966 - Swanbank A power station energised, requiring 110kV links to West Darra substation

EPT built all the steel 110kV around the SE Qld, and the first 275kV lines out of Swanbank as follows;

Apr 1970 - Swanbank B commissioned- first 275kV lines to South Pine substation

Feb 1971 - Swanbank B to Belmont substation 275kV double circuit steel tower

Dec 1972 - Swanbank B to Mudgeeraba 2x 275KV single circuit steel tower lines energised at 110kV initially

Then the construction of first major 275kV lines from Brisbane to Gladstone was shared - I think EPT did the southern half, ASCOM the northern half (subject to confirmation)

Nov 1972 - South Pine substation to Gladstone Power Station - 2 x 275kV single circuit steel tower lines energised via new substations at Woolooga and Gin Gin

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