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08 January 2012

Ian Moller

I received an email recently from Ian Moller who worked in the electricity industry in Queensland for 40 years (as an electrical engineer - mainly in transmission) before retiring in 2007. He wrote:

I recall EPT doing a lot of transmission line construction in Qld but I would be hard pressed to identify which lines were built by EPT. But I think some of the early 275kV lines built for SEAQ and NEAQ were done by EPT amongst many others. I have some old NEAQ house magazines so it is possible they mention EPT. (late 60's into the 70's)

The reason I'm contacting you is that I have just accidently stumbled across a metal EPT identification plate. It measures roughly 150 mm wide by 90mm high. It has two towers with the letters "EPT" between them. The towers and letters are kind of cast into the plate, so it is very readable.

Some years ago, my Church purchased a secondhand shipping container which we use as a mower shed etc. It was only very recently, I noticed the EPT plate rivited to the bottom beam of the container and thought this was historically significant. 

Ian is a member of the Queensland Electricity Museum and will be donating the plate to the Museum. He has kindly provided images of the plate, which he retrieved and repainted:

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