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03 June 2008

One tower per gang per day

Mr Venturi has also sent me a Sun Herald clipping from 28 July 1957. It contains more technical information about the lines.

The article features an interview with Dr Enzo Oriolo, Managing Director of EPT, who said that the company motto was "One tower per gang per day".

He discusses the 90 mile line between Yass and Tumut, which piped the first major output of the Snowy hydro-turbines into the NSW grid.

Mr Oriolo's reference to the 'art of threading cables' has some resonance. When speaking with my mother about my dad's work, she said that he had a reputation for having the 'right touch' for the lines. I'm not sure if this was mentioned earlier, but my mother also told me that no one ever died in any of my father's gang when he was a foreman. And, as you can imagine, there were fatal accidents in this industry.

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