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07 June 2008

Lost tapes

About 15 years ago, maybe more, I interviewed my father for an oral history project. At the time I was studying local and applied history and needed a willing subject for an assignment. The project resulted in three tapes, which, as I recall, were quite enlightening about my father's early and working life.

It was my intention to use some of the recording in this project. Sadly, though, I have not been able to locate them. After several house moves and various reshufflings of files, it seems they have been misplaced, perhaps disappeared into the depths of things my partner and I have accrued.

Do you know the feeling? When you delve into a particular box of 'stuff' believing that's where you've safely stored something, only to find that it's not there. Then an 'I know' moment, then another box etc. Well, suffice to say, this has now happened several times. I've not found the box of old study materials and this is where I believe the recordings have probably settled.

I'm still looking, though. We haven't searched everywhere just yet. Hmmm. I wonder if they're in the ...

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