View Transmission Lines 1955 to 1974 in a larger map.
This interactive map reproduces the map produced by my father. It documents the power lines he worked on through image and text. Click on the towers.

27 May 2008


Mr Venturi has been kind enough to provide a slightly modified translation of the photo caption:

I do not remember the chap in the middle of the photo with the plate in his hand. However on his left and leaning on the door is Vittorio Monduzzi (then chief executive of EPT). The people on the right of the fellow with the plate are my father (the tallest one looking at the plate), to the right of my father there is Father Enrico Bianconi (a Franciscan friar whom the company employed to help the Italian employees) who was also the Chaplain at Menai. Behind my father one sees Belgiorno-Nettis (founder of Transfield with Salteri). Lastly on the RHS of the photo under the awning among other people, one can see Salteri (of Tenix fame).

Actually in the photo, taken probably in Easter of 1952, you can see the founders of the Australian transmission lines.

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