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01 May 2008

Not Quite Right

I'm beginning to suspect that something is not quite right with this chronology. One of the impacts of my father's work on our family life was that we moved around quite a bit, usually annually. In the early days of my parent's marriage, my mother and father lived in a caravan in the workers' camps, following the work around. When my older sister arrived, that necessitated a different living arrangement, although we did, from time to time, live in the camps. However, usually the family were more settled and lived in a capital city or a town. Their first home was in Miranda in Sutherland, Sydney (where me and my younger sister were born). My father would often drive long distances to spend weekends at home with the family.

On this premise, I'm thinking there may be mistakes in some of the captioning. From the time I started school in 1969 through to 1971, we lived in a couple of different places in Melbourne. When I was in grade three, in 1972, we lived in Geebung, Brisbane, in Queensland. Then in 1973, when I was in grade four, we moved twice - to Wollongong and then Maitland. After that we relocated to Brisbane again and stayed. My father ceased to work with EPT in 1975 whereupon he pursued a different life altogether.

However, on the basis of his photo captions, everything makes sense until we get to Brisbane in 1972. In 1971 and 1973, he worked in Western Australia. It is unclear to me why we were located in Brisbane and why we moved twice in 1973. I'll also have to do some more research about the work my father was doing from 1972 onwards.

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