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20 May 2013

Filling in some gaps

Matthew Quomi recently contacted me with some information about the gaps in my recollection of my father's working life. He emailed to say:

I may be able to fill in a few blanks in your father’s story. The first one relates to the question mark around “Culkairn” 1956/57. I have a document that I found under a house in Pymble that apparently lists every project that E.P.T. was involved with from the company’s founding up till 1966. I have found a listing for the Lismore-Koolkhan 132KV wooden pole transmission line that was built for the Northern Rivers County Council in NSW. Culkairn/Koolkhan; what do you think? Does it correspond with his movements?

I may also have an explanation for “Tolmie Gorge” 1968. Tolmie is a place in Victoria where numerous transmission lines were erected, such as the Dederang to South Morang line that your father worked on. I also read that in 1969 he was in Myrtleford NSW, which is in the same area. There are numerous transmission lines that pass through this area and they all they are all associated with the hydroelectric schemes of either New South Wales or Victoria. Obviously E.P.T. would have built the vast majority of them, hence your father’s presence.

I very much appreciate receiving this information as I had not yet made these investigations myself.

Matthew has been researching EPT history in great detail, maintaining the facebook group, sharing stories with the former workers and much more. An impressive photographic archive is developing in the facebook group. I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew for the first time last week in Sydney and was deeply moved by his commitment to salvaging the EPT story as an important part of this country's migration and engineering history.

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