View Transmission Lines 1955 to 1974 in a larger map.
This interactive map reproduces the map produced by my father. It documents the power lines he worked on through image and text. Click on the towers.

22 May 2010

Digital Story on You Tube

This video was produced during a digital storytelling workshop at the State Library of Queensland - under the watchful guidance of Gavin and David. It extends the work of the Transmission Lines project.


Delia said...

My father was working for EPT in Australia in the 60's. Now, he lives in Spain. Its wonderfull for him to find your pictures. Congratulations for your work!

linda said...

Thank you Delia. I am so glad to know that you and your father enjoyed this. Men like our fathers contributed a lot to this country!

murray said...

hi. i was working for ept in the 70s. i rember the name. i was a rigger erecting the towers, also running wirers,i now live in nz. as that was where i was born i loved the italian culture and was was happy to have been involved with ept for about five years. i am now 64.thanks for your pictures on the net. i also have some photoes from those days .cheers murray kiesanowski