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17 February 2010

Another child of EPT

This week, I received a message via facebook from a man who wondered whether our respective fathers had worked together in Sydney. Even though I've received only a small number of messages from people who have had some involvement in EPT, I didn't anticipate that the Transmission Lines project would result in any networking among the children of former EPT workers, both in Australia and overseas.

In the message, the sender explained that his father worked at EPT and his uncle was a cook in the outer Sydney camp at Marayong, where my father lived for a couple of years. The cooks in these camps played a vital role and I remember my father often talking about the camp cooks and the good food he and his fellow workers enjoyed.

I'll investigate this story with my mother who, after marriage, sometimes lived in the camps as well, working in the kitchen. If memory serves, I believe she was living at Marayong and that an EPT cook was responsible for teaching her how to cook.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Fred Cavallaro and I was born in Innisfail NQ. In 1957 I was eight years old when the EPT Construction company come to my town to build the Mourilyan Harbour Sugar Terminal,
My father rented out a house to the Construction Site Engineer,his name was Mr.Verilli and he came with wife son and daughter.

I can remember a lot of young workers coming into my home town
on Saturdays and on sundays there was always a competative game of soccer from the EPT teams.
I can remember as a young boy all of the people who lived in Innisfail were happy to have these
Italian skilled workers in our town.
Also at that time there was a large italian population in Innisfail so they mixed in well.

I don't know what happened to Mr Verilli and his family, I suppose they moved on to a new construction site.
If there is any one in the EPT family that knows where the two children of Mr. Verilli are or how I could contact them I would be very grateful.

Every time I go to Innisfail I always go to Mourilyan Harbour and see the sugar terminal built by EPT and I can still remember the Italian construction workers I saw when I was a young boy.

Linda I wish you all the best in the future and hope you can get the EPT family united.

Fred Cavallaro