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29 August 2008

Photographs from SLQ talk

My partner, John, took some photographs of me speaking at the State Library recently. Here are a couple of them. Top is me speaking and below is Helen Cole and me having a catch up and cup of tea afterwards.


Anonymous said...

How is the project going? The
Freestyle exhibition is amazing and your extension of the idea of the artists book is inspiring. Do you have plans about archiving this for the future..for people to be able read and digest. The physical object is so tangible and easy to use and store. Or are you happy for it to be ephemeral and last as long as it lasts?!

An art librarian - not from Qld!

linda said...

Hello mysterious art librarian.

I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the exhibition and also my work. Helen did a great job with the show. Archiving is a hard one and not an issue I have given some thought to. I do aim to develop a booklike object out of/as part of this project but not sure when or what that might be. As for progress on Transmission Lines, it's been a bit slow. I've had to put work on hold while I attend to matters of livelihood (work and study) so I hope to get back to it when I have cleared other things away. It's unlikely the work can be archived in its current electronic form, so I will give some thought to the options. Hope that answers your question and thanks so much for the feedback and comments.