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This interactive map reproduces the map produced by my father. It documents the power lines he worked on through image and text. Click on the towers.

30 April 2008

Mapping ... Lost in translation

In my project description I mentioned that English was my father's second language and that Australian place names sometimes didn't make that much sense to him. The result is that the captions on photographs need some verification. So, today, I spent some time double and triple checking the spelling of place names so that I can map them. I've become a bit lost in translation in this process and am thankful for some of Google's second guessing and intuitive rearrangements of spelling. Incidentally, my father also didn't misspell names consistently with inscriptions like Celura and Cheloura (meaning Chullora in Sydney).

I can help but wonder about this doubling of disorientation - in a new language and a new country. Lost in translation and lost in the landscape.

Incidentally, I am also finding Google Maps much easier and preferable to use than Platial and that might cause a rethink of the mapping aspect of the project.

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